This program's mission is to honour the memory of fallen first responders and providing solace to their grieving families. We create memorial jewellery, free of charge, as a heartfelt tribute to their loved ones.

The catalyst for this new program started with an encounter with a mother who tragically lost her son, Chad, a brave Canadian soldier in Afghanistan. Through a collaborative process, we crafted a unique memorial ring that encapsulated Chad’s ashes, symbolizing his ultimate sacrifice in service to the country at no charge.

Recognizing that these families have already paid an unimaginable price, we seek to express our gratitude by providing them with lasting memorials of their loved ones through our craftsmanship. The Fallen Heroes Initiative is now an integral part of our company. The aim is to preserve the memory of these courageous individuals and offer a token of deep appreciation for their selflessness and dedication to protecting others.

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